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Dr. Luckett received his Ph.D. in food science from the University of Arkansas, concentrating in sensory science and statistics. He has also spent time in the field of carbohydrate chemistry and human nutrition. Besides a Ph.D. from University of Arkansas, Dr. Luckett also has a B.S. Oklahoma State University, M.S. from University of Arkansas, and has held previous industry positions at Cargill Inc. and Merieux Nutrisciences. His research has been published in Journal of Sensory Science, Chemical Senses, Journal of Agriculture & Food Chemistry, Food Quality & Preference, and Journal of Food Science.

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Current Research:

  • Understanding the physiological connection with texture perception. More specifically studying how mastication, salivary output, and oral sensitivity can influence texture judgements.
  • Creating a better understanding how we process simultaneous information during the eating/drinking experience, and how this multisensory processing can affect our sensory judgements.
  • Understanding the relationship between objective measures and sensory perception.

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