The goal of FDSC Graduate Programs is to train graduate students with multidisciplinary expertise to solve complex problems in food science and enable students to compete for job opportunities aligning with student’s primary area of interest. As such, we have established the following three learning outcomes:

  1. Students able to find, critically evaluate, and discuss scientific literature and information relevant to food science
  2. Students able to design and conduct research projects to test hypotheses, analyze data, and formulate conclusions
  3. Students able to effectively communicate research findings to professional audiences

Master of Science with a Major in Food Science

The MS program in FDSC has two options:

Thesis Option. Students in this program are trained with the capability to perform quality research in an area of their interest. In addition to meeting course requirements, a thesis of original research directed by a research faculty member serving as the major professor is required to receive a MS degree with thesis.

Non-Thesis Option. The MS non-thesis program is available for students with no interest in completing a thesis and may be of interest to students currently working in the food industry while wishing to obtain a graduate degree. The non-thesis program requires same course hours as the MS thesis program. In lieu of a thesis, students are required to complete a problem in cooperation with their employer (company or governmental agency) and/or their major professor.

Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Food Science

A PhD degree is the highest degree bestowed by the University in Food Science and demonstrates the capacity to contribute significantly to their field of study.  Students entering the PhD program typically have already earned a master’s degree in FDSC, or a closely related field. In addition to extra course work beyond the MS degree, students must pass a comprehensive exam to become a doctoral candidate, which is based upon developing and defending a proposal with unique hypotheses from that of their dissertation research. Lastly, the PhD candidate must pass the defense of their dissertation before being awarded a PhD degree.

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